My Favourite Vlogmassers // Blogmas Day 16

My Favourite Vlogmassers // Blogmas Day 16

Every evening in December, I snuggle up to some blankets and watch vlogs. Watching vlogmas makes me even more excited for Christmas. They are also great for making you feel festive.



Alfie brings so much positivity and hope into the world. He inspires me everyday to work hard, and make my dreams a reality. His vlogs in December are super festive and I love it.


Joe never fails to make me laugh. I seriously think he’s one of the funniest people in the world. His vlogs will also get you into the festive sprit.


Zoe is known as being the queen of vlogmas. Her vlogs are full of happiness and festiveness. They are also very calming and relaxing.

4.Jack Maynard

Jack’s vlogs make me super excited. They may not be full of festiveness, but they never fail to make me laugh. I’m also intrigued to see what kind of things he does during the day.

5. Tanya Burr

I love Tanya’s vlogging style. She always seems super relaxed and laid back. She also brings a lot of festiveness into her vlogs.



Saffron’s vlogs always make me feel happy. She always seems very positive. Her vlogs have so much festive content, also she is doing a giveaway everyday during vlogmas.

7.Mikey Pearce

Although he didn’t make the full 24/25 days of vlogmas, I still wanted to include him. I find his vlogs calming, even though he is pretty energetic. I don’t think I’ve ever not laughed during one of his vlogs.

Who are your favourite Vlogmassers? Let me know in the comments, I love discovering new people  to watch!!


Lisa xx


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