My New Year Resolutions // Blogmas Day 23

My New Year Resolutions // Blogmas Day 23

Each year many people make New Year resolutions, including me. I’m usually terrible at sticking to them; I normally give up after a week. However, this year I want to change that. I’m feeling super motivated, and I want to try and make my life better if possible.

These are the goals and resolutions I’ve set myself for 2018:

Become more organised – I’m terrible when it comes to being organised. I always leave things till the last minute. However, during 2018 I’m going to have quite a few exams with college, and I don’t want to leave revision to the last minute. I also don’t want to miss any blog post uploads, and I want the content to be good and not written last minute.

Eat healthier food – Each year I set myself the goal of losing weight, however, I never seem to stick by it. I think it’s because losing weight is quite a big goal, and takes up a lot of time (Healthy eating, exercise. etc.). So I’ve decided to set myself a slightly smaller goal, of just eating healthy.

Surround myself with positive people – Next year I want to be more positive, which also means getting rid of any negativity in my life. I want to be surround by people who lift my mood, instead of being surround by people who bring me down and make me unhappy.

Talk to more people – Talking to people is something I struggle with, especially when talking face-to-face with someone. I’ve been a shy person since a young age, and I want to try and overcome this.

Spend less money – I’m planning on going away for a weekend for my 18th birthday, so I want to try and save up money for this. Also, I want to start saving up money so I can get a house, when I’m ready to move out from my parents.

Stay positive – My brain always seems to find the negatives in everything instead of the positives. This makes me feel unhappy when doing most things. I want to try and find positives in everything, then hopefully I will be able to enjoy life more.


Do you set yourself New Year Resolutions? How long do you manage to keep them going for?


Lisa xx


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