The Winter Tag // Blogmas Day 19

The Winter Tag // Blogmas Day 19

How is it already the 19th of December? Not only has this year fly by, this month is flying by too!!

I love taking part in tags, and I also love anything to do with winter, so when I saw The Winter Tag I thought I have to take part. Hopefully, you like tag posts as much as me and enjoy reading this post.


What are your favourite things about winter?

I love being able to wrap up warm, and get cosy in loads of blankets, while watching Christmas movies. I love going out in the snow, if we actually get any (you’re never too old to build a snowman or have a snowball fight!). I also love the build up to Christmas and Christmas day, it’s the time of the year when the whole of my family get together.

What is your favourite winter outfit?

I mainly wear black jeans, a hoodie, a simple t-shirt and trainers.

What is your favourite winter food?

It’s got to be pigs in blankets. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without them. I also love mince pies, but nothing beats pigs in blankets.

What is your favourite winter drink?

I’ve been obsessed with drinking tea recently, so I’d say tea. I do love to have a hot chocolate occasionally though.

What is your dream way to spend a winter’s day?

Sitting on the sofa, wrapped in blankets with a cup of tea and biscuits, with my sisters snuggled up in blankets next to me. Watching all my favourite films, especially Christmas movies in the lead up to Christmas.

How do you like to do your makeup in the winter?

I haven’t been wearing much makeup recently. I’ve had bad acne, and I thought it’d be better to let my skin breathe. If I do wear makeup I mainly just wear foundation, concealer and mascara.

What are you hoping to get for Christmas?

I don’t really want anything for Christmas. I just want to enjoy spending time with my family. If anyone does buy me a gift I’d probably like some makeup or chocolate.

What are the first three things that remind you of winter?

The weather, you know it’s winter when it’s freezing every time you go outside. The length of daylight, the days always feel shorter in winter as it gets light later in the morning, and dark earlier in the evenings. Christmas, especially when the Christmas adverts start on TV.

What is your favourite winter song?

I don’t have a favourite winter song, but I love most of the Christmas songs (e.g. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, I wish it could be Christmas everyday, White Christmas).

What is your favourite winter memory?

Visiting London and going to Winter Wonderland a few years ago. Everything felt so magical, and everyone was enjoying themselves. It gave me chance to take a break from everything happening in my life, and just enjoy myself.

What is your favourite winter scent?

If I’m completely honest I don’t have a favourite festive scent. However, I do love the smell of the products in the Snowella range.

Finish the sentence: If I could have one wish this Christmas it would be…

Joy and happiness for all my friends and family. We’ve been through quite a lot over the past year, and I wish I could make everything right so my family can be happy.


Let me know if you complete the tag, I’d love to read your answers to the questions.


Lisa xx


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