Travel Packing Checklist

As you may or may not know, I have booked myself a mini vacation for my birthday. I’m always that one person who forgets to take something, no matter where I go. To try and stop myself from missing something this time I’ve decided to make a list. I wrote the list in advance, so I have more of a chance of remembering things I might have normally forgotten. For my vacation I’ve decided to stay within the UK, however, I have added a little list for the travel essentials you need when travelling abroad.



-Shampoo and Conditioner

-Dry Shampoo

-Soap/Shower gel


-Toothbrush and Toothpaste

-Mouth wash




-Shaving gel

-Suncream and Aftersun

-Hair Brush

-Hair Products

-Hair Straighteners/ Curlers / hairdryer

-Hair bands

-Hand Sanitizer

-Face mask

-Wash Cloth

-Face wipes


-Makeup remover




-Nail Clippers

-Nail Varnish

-Lip balm

-Tampons/ Pads







-Clutch bag


















-Swimming wear

-Sleep wear

-Rain jacket


-Shoes (Boots, Trainers, Sandals, Heels)



-Phone and Charger

-Laptop and Charger

-Camera and Charger

-Portable Charger


-Memory Cards



-Bottle Opener



-Games/Playing Cards

-Water Bottle

-Travel Pillow

-Re-usable shopping bag

-Pens and Pencil



-Chewing gum

-Birth Control/Contraception

-First aid (Plasters, medication, pain relief)



-Hotel or Hostel Contact Information

-Emergency Contact Information



-Rail Card/ Loyalty Cards

Abroad Essentials


-Visa (if needed)

-Health Insurance

-Travel Insurance

-Money in the correct currency

-Airline Tickets

-Electric Convertor

-Luggage locks and keys

-Insect Repellent


Let me know if you think I’ve missed anything!! I can’t wait for my trip away, I’ll definitely be taking loads for photos so get ready for a photo post when I get back!! I’d love to know what your favourite places to travel are, I want to save up some money so I can do some travelling.


Lisa xx


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